PAttern SCAn Laser - par JFGirmens le 14/05/2007 @ 00:22

A partir de lundi 14 mai sera mis à disposition (prêt de démonstration) aux Quinze-Vingts un laser PASCAL (PAttern SCAn Laser) :

The PASCAL technology platform is based upon the use of a proprietary, semi-automated, pattern generation method employing short 532 nm laser pulses. These laser pulses are delivered in a rapid predetermined sequence resulting in improved precision, safety, patient comfort, and a significant reduction in treatment time compared with single-spot photocoagulation.

Pre-clinical animal studies, as well as initial pilot studies in humans indicate that in addition to reducing treatment duration for typical patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy, the number of sessions may also be reduced.

This fully integrated system incorporates design advancements including :

  • Intuitive touch screen user interface
  • Pattern scanner technology
  • Advanced optics slit lamp
  • Slit lamp mounted micromanipulator
  • Dual slit lamp mounted rotary power controls
  • PrecisionSpot™ laser delivery
  • LIO compatible
  • Wheelchair accessible table
  • Ergonomic features for physician and patient
Plus d'informations, des vidéos et un simulateur sur le site internet de OptiMedica.


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